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Meet Sadiqa Williams-Glusman

The Inna City Hippie

I transformed my outside space into what feels like a city forest. The air is so clean and the sight is so beautiful, just being here gives you a therapy session for your physical body. As you breathe in their oxygen, they breathe in your carbon dioxide, the dance of life exists in a continuum that is so grand, I’m forever in wonder. When we consume them, their physical bodies actually become a body part of ours. Both of us are made of the oldest and most precious non-living element on earth- water. The very act of consuming plant life connects us as one magnificent ecosystem.  How amazing and dope is that? So, come experience a multi-sensory journey through the garden with me. Whether you’re an adult or a free spirited kid, my excitement and passion will connect anyone with nature and they too will be as amazed as I am.

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About the Inna City Hippie

My Story

Pregnancy and an Amazing Body

Early in my pregnancy, I began reading a magazine that explained how my baby was growing month by month in my amazing body. Every article explained how each new organ or body part was developed by the food I chose to eat. It seemed that most of our bodies were literally formed by fruit and vegetables. I was mesmerized. The biggest lesson though was my choice. Whatever I choose to eat, was used to build everything from his bones to his toenails. Within a year, I became a vegan and a regular volunteer in my neighborhood garden.

Time to Spread the Love

I taught myself nutritionism and made healthy foods so delicious that friends and family began to encourage me to show others how to do the same. I took their advice, and for the next 10 years I began giving cooking classes at local markets, colleges, community centers, and libraries.

Higher Education & More

I became a Certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I also began teaching Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and cooking classes to children in Broward County Public Schools.

Time to go to the Source-the Garden

After teaching cooking classes for so many years, I noticed that our community had a slight disconnect with the journey of their food. I expanded outside the classroom and began teaching gardening, having garden tours, and cooking from the garden to children in the Parks and Recreation in Broward County.

Garden Classes, and Tours and Workshops, Oh my!

Today, we have a full selection of Garden Tours, Workshops, Classes and events. To find out more, visit the Classes Page.

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