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Sacred Sustenance With Sadiqa

Welcome Everyone

Come experience a multi-sensory journey through the garden with me, the Inna City Hippie. I am dedicated and committed to transformation through connecting oneself to nature. My experiential tours and workshops give adults and children the opportunity to do just that. Your mind, body, and spirit will literally want to hang out here. 

The Inna City Hippie garden workshops, coaching and experiential tours are designed to connect people with themselves and the planet in a way that feels right. We will use all of our senses to taste, smell, and feel our way through a unique gardening experience, which will serve as a bridge to bring you closer to nature and yourself. Afterwards you’ll feel more alive, relaxed, and connected. 

Whether you’re an adult looking to reconnect with nature or an inquisitive kid wanting to learn more about the world around you, the excitement and passion of the Inna City Hippie’s unique garden adventures can connect anyone with nature in new and amazing ways.

So, let’s meet up in my garden to reconnect with nature and have fun while we do it.

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Meet Sadiqa WIlliams-Glusman

The Inna City Hippie

Sadiqa Williams-Glusman

As a holistic health coach, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four boys ranging from elementary to college, Sadiqa fully understands the challenges of balancing time against priority and play. Her work allows her to invest her time and life to bringing positive changes to children and adults of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Her goal in life is to teach others the importance of honoring the Oneness of all things and sustainably utilizes the health, wealth and abundance of Earth.

What Our Students Say


Exactly what the kids needed!
So grateful to have found Sadiqa and her garden tours!! In the mix of not going out as much because of the pandemic and just being home all the time, the kids got caught up in just wanting to play video games all day. I needed to find a fun and safe activity for them to do and thought this was such a neat idea when I saw it advertised. The kids LOVED the tours and time spent in nature! They had so much fun not just playing and discovering around the garden but also learning about how to appreciate the plants around them and how they can care for and enjoy them. Thank you Inna City Hippie for providing such a valuable resource to our community!

Joanna P.


I am happy to support Inna City Hippie, a woman owned business found by Sadiqa who I refer to as the ‘Plant Queen. Sadiqa is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and familiar with the health & well-being found in growing plants and maintaining a garden. She took the time to explain each plant I currently own, as well as the amount of sun, water and nutrients they need to flourish.  She also advised me on the plants, vines and flowers that will grow well in each area of my yard.

I have a big window that looks out into my backyard. Thanks to Sadiqa’s advice, I now enjoy looking out that window to gaze at the birds and the calm scene created by the various plants she chose.  It’s very cozy and serene.

I recommend Sadiqa for all your planting and gardening needs… She really is a Plant Queen.

Ms. Ritzer

Garden Classes Student

My children loved the experience they had at the gardening workshop series. They learned real life skills that can’t be taught in the classroom all while having a great time. Highly recommend to any parent looking for fun, safe and enriching activities.

Carlisha M.

Mom of two

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